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How To Submit Art

Our screen printing experience gives us great flexibility with graphic file formats. We handle both Apple Mac and Windows PC formats.

Programs Supported

  • Illustrator files (up to version CS4) - Mac or PC
  • Photoshop files - Mac or PC
  • Acrobat .PDF files

File Types Supported

  • The preferred formats for image files are .AI, .EPS and .PSD
  • We will also accept .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, .PDF and .TIF

Camera Ready Artwork Defined

Digital Artwork

Bitmapped images should be at least 300 dpi at size, in RGB format. Slide programs such as PowerPoint, website-based graphics and screen snapshots are only 72 dpi, which is far too low in quality to use. Embedding graphics inside a Microsoft Word document is not a good way to supply graphics. If your artwork does not meet these criteria, please recreate it, or contact the original artist to get properly formatted artwork. If possible, please indicate size measurements and placement of e-mailed graphics (i.e. Front Left Chest, 3.5" wide). Name files with images in mind (i.e. Busch Logo.eps, Soccer.psd, etc.). Make sure all linked graphics are included. Please make sure spot colors are specified as PANTONE (PMS) colors. Screen tints should be between the ranges of 30% - 70%. We accept 3.5" floppies, Zip disks, CD's and DVD's.

Film Artwork

If films are provided, they must be Emulsion Up, Right Reading FIlm Positives, with art at actual size at 55 or 65 LPI. Any halftones must be no higher than 65 LPI at actual size. Screen tints should be between the ranges of 30% - 70%.

Digital or Film Artwork which needs clean-up or revisions (i.e. extra typesetting, cut and paste, font recreation, complete re-draw) is NOT considered camera ready and will be billed at $25 per hour.


All text must be converted to outlines or paths, or a folder of fonts included with the artwork. In Adobe Illustrator, this is under the menu Type/Create Outlines; in CorelDraw, it is under the menu Arrange/Convert to Curves. If fonts don't have to be exact, we will match as closely as possible. Another option is to send the font files to us. If you are looking for unique fonts, is an excellent resource.

If sending font files to us, here are some helpful hints:

  • click the "start" button on the lower left corner of the screen
  • scroll up to "settings" and then over (right) to "control panel"
  • a window should open up containing a folder labeled "fonts"
  • find the font (if it is on your computer it will be in this folder) and copy it onto your desktop (drag the icon while holding the CTRL key)
  • attach the font file in to e-mail
  • click on your hard drive icon
  • click (or scroll, depending on your finder mode) onto Libraries
  • click (or scroll) onto the font folder
  • copy the necessary font onto your desktop (drag the name of the file while holding the alt/option key)
  • attach the font file to an e-mail

Sending Through E-mail

Do not cut and paste graphics into your e-mail; use the "attach file" option that exists within all e-mail programs. Also, when sending the graphics via e-mail, please indicate the program(s) used to create the graphics that you are enclosing. Placing your PO# in the subject line of your e-mail would be VERY helpful for matching up e-mailed graphics to the Job Ticket, and to the inventory being sent to our Shipping Department. This will improve our speed of delivery on finished products to you. Use WinZip on the PC or Stuffit on the Mac to compress the graphics so they become smaller in file size and send faster through e-mail. Art may be e-mailed to us at

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at or by phone at 314-881-9366.