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Pix & Flix

What are you waiting for? Send your photos and videos to On The Edge!

We know you are proud of your event and the cool things you got from On The Edge … and we want to show them off to everyone!!! Feel free to send us videos or pictures from your event‚ and we’ll post them right here on our site. Who knows‚ perhaps your “pix and flix” will serve as an inspiration for someone else’s future event; likewise‚ you may be similarly inspired by someone else’s images that appear right here On The Edge.

We have just a few basic requirements for your submitted photos and videos.

  • Photos: .jpg files only, rgb color mode at 72 dpi.
  • Videos: fully edited, length approximately one minute or less. All file formats accepted.
Send your pix and flix to

Beware‚ we’ll go to the edge but please‚ nothing x-rated – our censors have never gotten off the edge!